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[Fermé] How to Make Pretty URLs from Hierarchal CPT?

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I'm absolutely stumped. I want to setup hierarchal pages like this, and can't figure out how to use a shortcode to display the child pages on a parent page. All pages are part of the same CPT:

hidden link (level 1)
hidden link (level 2)
hidden link (level 3)

I want to be able to put a shortcode on level 2 that will query all of its child pages (level 3) and display them as a list. How do I do this?

I'm using a View with these settings, yet the child pages aren't displaying:

  • Select posts that are children of... "Post where this View is inserted"

I do have hierarchal and post-attributes already checked on the settings for the (reviews) Custom Post Type.

What I do not want is to have to create multiple CPTs and screw up the directory order of my URLs. I am trying to theme all of my content properly using an information architecture plan that I've developed, so this is the way my URLs have to be.

So stumped right now. Please help.



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Apparently, you will need to create separate View for each level. For example:

- Parent View: listing all 1st level posts.
- Child View: listing all 2nd level posts and filter as you set
- Child View: listing all 3rd level posts and filter as you set

However, I will suggest to try changing filter to "Post set by parent View".

Also, please use [wpv-post-link] to provide a clickable link to each post. Because this generates appropriate permalink to each post's single page.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything related.

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