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[Résolu] how to establish a relationship afterwards

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I have 2 custom post types: Organization and Member. Organization is a parent of Member. I import all organizations from a XML file and also for all members. Organization has an unique ID (3119) and Member has a field pointing to that ID.

After the import, both CPT are not yet related, how to achieve this. SO how to connect each member after the import to the right Organization.


Hello Luit,

Could you please elaborate more on how you performed the import? Types uses a custom field to store the parent post ID: wpcf_belongs_[parent-slug]_id, e.g. wpcf_belongs_organization_id. Please make sure that you are importing the right custom fields to the child post.

You can also connect your custom posts manually. To do this, you need to edit each parent post (each Organization) and you'll have to add all Members to the Post Relationship section.

2015-09-08 13_28_04-
2015-09-08 13_28_42-Lid Bewerken ‹ test — WordPress.png

I use WP All import PRO to import the different xml files. When importing I select the relational record to be put in the _wpcf_belongs_[slug]_id. When I take a look in the database _wpcf_belongs_[slug]_id has the right value, but in the post it self (Postrelationship) nothing is shown. (see screenprints).


I noticed something, I should use the post ID in the belongs field an not another value. Will work on this.