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[Résolu] How to display custom taxonomy on page.

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I am trying to display a custom taxonomy on a page using a view or a shortcode. Either way is fine for me, but I need the taxonomy to be filtered by the slug of the current page. I have tried to understand the documentation on using a Query Filter with a URL parameter to do what I need, but the instructions are not clear to me.

Here is a page that lists all of the custom homes we have created: hidden link

To view the page, you need to enter the code MonicaB

I need the page to only show homes that are in the neighborhood "meridian ranch". The neighborhood is the custom taxonomy.

Please advise. Thanks,



Hi, Thanks for contacting Toolset support forums.

I would like to get more information about your site setup to give you the best help possible.

I checked other Taxonomy Terms like wolf-ranch and cordera, and they seem to have a different layout than the meridian-ranch term. So are you using different layouts for them? Or do you have WordPress Archive view created for the other terms that's not being used with "meridian-ranch" ?

I'll be waiting for your reply.



Hi Ahmed,

Thanks for looking into this. Just to make sure we’re on the same page, I will try to clarify my issue:

I am not using the taxonomy pages to display the results. The goal is to use a shortcode to display the taxonomy results. The pages you viewed -- wolf-ranch & cordera -- are not taxonomy/archive pages either. They are just regular pages.

Here is the taxonomy archive page for meridian ranch: hidden link

Right now, I have a parametric search setup that allows users to search for any "new construction home" (my custom post type). Here is the page where that parametric search is used: hidden link

As you can see, on this page, I am displaying both the search filters and the results. I like the layout of the results so I duplicated this view and am now trying to display it on another page. The different is that I want to limit the results to display only for a certain neighborhood. Right now, I have this shortcode on the Meridian Ranch page:

[wpv-view name="listings-by-neighborhood" view_display="layout"]

All I want to do is to add a filter to that shortcode so that it only displays posts that have a taxonomy of meridian-ranch. I feel like I’m overlooking something obvious, but I’ve been stumped on this for a while.





I still need assistance with the taxonomy display issue, but I have another wp-types question on the same website. Let me know if I should open another support thread.

My question is related to parametric search. I have a search function on this page: hidden link where users can filter the results based on their criteria. I am having trouble with the "Max Price" search filter though. I need it to check against 2 different custom fields, instead of just 1. I’ll try to explain:

Right now, if you type in 300000 in the Max Price filter, you won’t see any results because the filter is comparing the price to a number entered in the "max-price" custom field. The problem is that these homes have a price range instead of a fixed price. I need the Max Price filter to check against both the "min-price" and "max-price" custom fields. Is this possible?




Hi, Thanks for your reply.

For the first issue, you can add Query Filter by Neighborhood Taxonomy, Just click Add a filter -> Select Neighborhoods under Taxonomies from the drop-down list. Then select how you want to include this filter to the View, using a shortcode attribute or a URL Query parameter, for your case I would recommend a "Set by one View shortcode attribute".

Please read more about passing arguments to view here

And more about query filtering by taxonomies here

And for your second issue, I would kindly ask you to please open another ticket, that allows us to focus on one issue per ticket, and other users can find solutions for their issues easier.

Please let me know if your issue is solved.




Thank you for the reply & clarification. I wasn’t sure how to use that shortcode filter. That cleared everything up.