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[Résolu] How Do I Display The Output of 5 Possible Choices in Same Place on Site

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Last updated by julieP Il y a 5 années et 2 mois.


I am trying to: Display Recent Reviews with Star Rating in a Row on Home Page

I visited this URL:

I expected to see: The star/s image appearing in the same place on the page whatever the rating (i.e. flush left inside the table cell)

Instead, I got: If review has 1 star, the image appears flush left, if 2 , 3 or 4 stars slightly more to the right each time and if 5 stars the image sits far right.

I've set up a types field called Star Rating and users select from the list of 1 to 5. In My Views, I've set up conditions so that if 1 is selected, then an image showing 1 star is displayed and so on.

It's as if there's a space allocated to each image but only the relevant one is shown but the space for the others remains.

I prepared an image to demonstrate this but I get an HTTP error each time (???)



Realised I just needed to put all conditions inside one set of <td> tags. Problem solved.