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[Résolu] Front-End Form to Allow Multiple Image Upload Into Repeating Fields

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I recently had a problem when trying to create an image gallery with Toolset in that uploading many images or files into one Types repeating field can be a major hassle. There were many other topics on the forums here with similar issues and no good solutions.

I searched online for snippets and various answers and ended up making a plugin that outputs and processes a form on the frontend to create a new "Gallery" post, which includes a multiple image uploader for my custom field, "gallery-image". I'm sharing it with the Toolset community in the hopes that it can be helpful to others trying to upload many files into a repeating field at once.

Here's the Github: lien caché

*Note, I am not a coder, so this is a really basic plugin with little security. Please limit the form's display with Access or some other kind of plugin so that only Editors / Admins can use it.

Thanks all! Hopefully one day the CRED development team can create a more native solution.


Uao, this is great. Thank you for sharing this.

I will also inform our Toolset Support Leader about this, so we can share it eventually with other Peoples out here.

Thank you very much for sharing it, I am downloading it to give it a try now! 🙂


Hi George, (Beda why is the link hidden?)

how did you end up going with your gallery? The link is hidden for me but I would love to see what you created and try to implement it myself.



I cant see the link either.

Hang on, try this

github com/ borie88 / frontend-multi-uploader

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