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[Résolu] flexslider help for a gallery with multiple custom fields form one post

Ce fil est résolu. Voici une description du problème et la solution proposée.


The issue here is that the user had some repeated image fields and wanted to create a slider using these images.


I managed to create a flexslider plugin that should be able to help your.

Download and install the plugin in the link below.

Then create a content template for your post and add the following.

<div class="flexslider">
  <ul class="slides">
   [wpv-for-each field="wpcf-image_1"]
  <li>[types field="image_1" size="medium" align="none" resize="pad" padding_color="#FFF"][/types]</li>

After doing this then you will need to add the script for it to work.

Add this to the js section of the content template.

jQuery(window).load(function() {

100% of people find this useful.

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I'm trying to address the ticket to you but they only present me another supporter. Do you know what to do, where to click!?


Well, I create a new ticket and wrote your name on it... not very "subtile". Thanks.