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[Résolu] flex slider loading

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Last updated by marijkeM Il y a 7 années et 10 mois.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


Everything looks good now on my homepage hidden link Only the flexslider doesn't load nicely. Could there be something wrong? I see jquery warnings. Can that be the reason?

I stripped my JS to the basics, because I thought that was the problem.
jQuery(window).load(function() {

animation: "slide"




Luo Yang

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Hi Marijke,

Could you describe the question with more details?
I checked the URL you mentioned above with my Chrome browser, but can not find any problem:
Only the flexslider doesn't load nicely

Is this problem resolved already?



Hi Luoy,

Excuse me for my late reply. I thought I had already answered, but I guess I forgot to push the send button or something like that. The problem is that I see the listbullets and the image stretched before you see the slider. I now have moved the styles to my stylesheet and that makes it much better. I guess the main problem is that the styles load too late. The bullets are gone, but the flikkering of the image remains a bit. And I installed w3 total cache for better performance.