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[Résolu] Feature request: store post ID of uploaded file in File fields

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Last updated by iann Il y a 10 années et 2 mois.

Assigned support staff: Bigul.


In the use of a File upload field, Types uploads the file to the Media library as a post attachment.

However Types only stores the direct link to the attachment in the database as the field meta.
Even though the attached file is technically a "post" in the WP database, Types does NOT store the post ID of the attached file in the meta, so there is no way of retrieving the fie's title, caption (excerpt) etc - only the direct permalink.

This becomes a problem if you want to display the files within post content for download by front-end users.
You cannot display the uploaded file's TITLE as the text within the link <a> tags, for a nicer looking link.
You can only display the permalink address as the link itself, and you may not want the site's folder structure displayed like that!

Saving the Post ID of the uploaded file, along with the permalink, would solve the problem.



Dear iann,

Thank you for the suggestion. We will surely consider this.

With Regards



thanks Bigul.

In case it may help someone else,
to achieve this result I have found i can use rilwis' meta box, another plugin.
It saves more associated metadata with its advanced file upload box.

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