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[Résolu] Error: passwords don’t match. Issue with Blocks activated.

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Last updated by ChaseBrook Il y a 8 mois et 1 semaine.

Assigned support staff: Christian Cox.


In Adding\Editing Users

Error: passwords don’t match. Please enter the same password in both password fields.

This is only a problem with Tooslet Blocks activated. And seems to affect only Firefox.

I've used Health Check & Troubleshooting and disabled everything except Toolset Blocks.

Please also see:


Hello, our developers have determined this issue is dependent upon the resolution of a Core WP bug, tracked here:

We're currently waiting on the resolution of this bug in WP core, currently slated for milestone 5.6.2, and think this will solve the problem here.


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!


This issue is NOT resolved. The bug was not corrected in WordPress 5.6.2, nor in 5.7. The work around with Firefox is to deactivate Toolset Blocks, then add the new user.