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[Fermé] Enfold Theme: Advanced Template Builder has Blank Editors

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I am trying to: Build a Website Content Template

I visited this URL: My Advanced Layout Builder, specifically the theme editors (WYSIWYG) inside of ALB elements in hidden link. I use the exceptionally popular Enfold Theme.

I expected to see: Normal WYSIWYG editor.

Instead, I got: Problem is that the text inside is all white and unviewable. When I select all text, all I see is the HTML code and there are a lot of extra <p></p> inside which I never typed. I have tried both automatic and manual formatting options, neither seem to work.


My issue continues to remain and is very frustrating to work with. Please help. I can provide admin account to get assistance if necessary.


This really is a huge problem.


I completely reinstalled Views and Types using FTP. I've also fully updated WordPress, my theme, and all of my plugins. This problem continues to be an issue.

The funny thing is that it is NOT an issue with the Custom Post Types, only the Content Templates. I am really beginning to thing that it has something to do with the way that View-Template is programmed...


I dont have access to the Enfold theme for having a look at this problem.

Do you have a development site that you can share access?
I have marked your next reply as private.


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