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[Résolu] Display a view in a sidebar

Ce fil est résolu. Voici une description du problème et la solution proposée.

Problem: How can we insert Views in Sidebars of themes, or better, in widgetized areas?

Solution: We provide 2 Widgets for Views, which you can find in the Widgets area in your WordPress install. Those are to use when you want to place Views in Widgetized areas.

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Puppies for Sale Toolset Question.png

Have 83 Divi-built pages. Want to use Layouts/Views/Widgets/Content Templates, or whatever it takes, to list all available puppies of each Breed custom post type in the left two columns. Each time, trying to use Layouts or Views, it blows up the menu, and won't list the filtered breed posts in that space. Thanks.Tell us what you are trying to do?

Uploaded an image of the page in question before trying to insert custom post thumbs.

hidden link


I understand you want a list of your Posts (puppies) under the heading "Puppies for sale"?

Please create a View, check the "puppies" post Type and insert some data to display in the Loop. You can use the Wizard to do that.

Please let me know your steps, and the outcome of it, in case this does not work.

Thank you

Two Pages in Divi Theme - one with Views active, the other not.jpg

What you describe is exactly what I did. The result was that the View does not seem to be confining itself to the "Content" part of a Divi theme default page, but is overriding some theme setting in the header, and furthermore, apparently also not confining itself to Divi-builder designated portion of the of the Content area layout. Since Divi is one of the themes that you are electing to integrate Customizer functionality, it seems that something in the Settings isn't letting Views know its in a Divi theme Content area and to play nice with the theme and builder settings. Is there something specific I need to do to get Views to know the architectural framework it's being used in, i.e., Divi, using the Divi Builder on regular Posts and Pages? I've attached images of two Pages - hidden link and hidden link. The latter has been recognized by Views, the former never. They both have identical HTML and CSS in the Header Navigation but as the two images show, the one that Views can access is displaying differently. This was my basis for suggesting that the source of the overall problem may be that Views isn't recognizing that it's in a Divi Theme Page with Divi Builder active, in terms of the functional namespaces necessary to avoid conflict like this.


No, there is no such setting or process.
Views just works with the output, usually, everywhere.

DIVI is integrated with Toolset, yes.
This is mainly related to the current Views and Layouts beta, where you can have options of DIVI in the layouts or content template editors.
This is not related of if/how the things display on front end. This should just work, and locally it does.

I need a site's snapshot with 2 exact examples of the same view, on different pages, making once troubles and once not.
Then let's see what the differences are.
I suspect some broken HTML markup.

I will need a site's snapshot to assist you as fast and effective as possible.


Why do you want to show a View in a Widget ShortCode, in a post Body Editor, if all it needs is to insert the ShortCode we provide to display Views?
You can insert them with Fields and Views GUI.

WIdgets are not part of the post, and can even bring back unexpected results.
We provide as well 2 Widgets for Views, which you can find in the Widgets area in your WordPress install. Those are to use when you want to place Views in Widgetized areas.

Now it seems you see issues when you put the View in whatever method in a Template Layout.
Could I gain access to the site you shared in private to see what is wrong there?
I enabled a private reply for you.


Thanks Beda. You're right. The Widgets that are provided by Toolset in the WP Widgets area will suffice for adding the Views in Sidebars I will need. I was thinking I had to figure out how to make the shortcodes work in either a widgetized portion of a page content area or drop it in a text area in the Divi Theme. Would have been a while for that approach to work out, if ever. Finding once again that TS has provided ... just have to better understand the capabilities and limitations of the "shortcode strategy" and it begins to make a lot of sense and save a lot of work.