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[Résolu] Distance Value Missing in Fields and Views insertion dialog

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Last updated by Christian Cox Il y a 1 an et 9 mois.

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I am trying to display the distance between the user and the post address on hidden link

On, the instructions say to "click the Distance value button in the Fields and Views insertion dialog.", however, when I do that, I do not see a Distance Value.

Do I need to do something to make it appear? Or, am I looking in the wrong place?


Hi, the distance display shortcode was added in Maps 1.6 and it looks like you're running Maps 1.5.4 on this site. Please update to the latest version of Toolset Maps to get the newest features.


Great. I see the Distance Value now. But, it doesn't seem to work.

I have this in the view:

Address: [types field='address' item='@page-restaurant.parent'][/types]<br>
Distance: [toolset-maps-distance-value origin_source='visitor_location' postmeta='wpcf-address' postmeta_id='@page-restaurant.parent']

But, on hidden link , the distance is not displayed.

Am I doing something wrong?




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Hi Lee,

Christian is on Holiday today and will be back tomorrow to answer any concerns you may have.



Sorry for the delay, I was able to replicate this problem on my local site when I tried to add a distance value shortcode with the target address field in a post related to the current post in a one-to-one relationship. I have escalated this to my 2nd tier support team for more information here, because I don't see anything obviously wrong. I'll let you know what I find out.


Hi, I have a quick update. My second tier support team has offered a temporary workaround:

Distance: [toolset-maps-distance-value origin_source='visitor_location' postmeta='wpcf-address' postmeta_id='[wpv-post-id item="@page-restaurant.parent"]']

Please try this while we continue to work on a permanent fix for the problem.


Thanks, but that didn't work either.

hidden link

No huge rush. I've got lots of time.


Okay thanks for the update, I'll relay that information and keep you up to date here.



I don't think this issue has anything to do with the post relationship. I setup a new simple test.

hidden link

The distance does not display.

I also have another map issue related to distance filtering, but I'll start a new ticket for that.



It looks like I can add the wpv-geolocation shortcode around this distance field and it will show up as expected.

Distance:  [wpv-geolocation][toolset-maps-distance-value origin_source='visitor_location' postmeta='wpcf-address'][/wpv-geolocation]

Strange. I will pass this information along as well, because I think there are multiple issues here. Thanks for clarifiying this for me.


hi is the "origin_source='visitor_location' " user current location base on gps?

can we define the origin_source base on custom field; I.e train station?

Thank you

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Hi, this issue will be resolved in Maps 2.1. Sorry I received information that indicated it had already been released, but that was premature. I will let you know when 2.1 is available for download or automatic update. Thanks for understanding!


- Updated information about release version


Hello, please find Maps 2.0.2 available for automatic update or download at and update all your Toolset plugins to the latest versions. Let me know if the problem is not completely resolved. Thanks for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.