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[Résolu] Diashow is not visible in custom field

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For a long time I used simple viewer on hidden link (this is a testpage)
Simple viewer is not working anymore because it was working with flash.

They say, instead you can use hidden link

It is almost working the same, but now the diashow does not appear on my site.
in the test page, you see (part of) the dishow in the normal content is working, but not in the custom field on the right.

I want the diashow in place of the purple square. For the test, I put the shortcode in the normal content box.

See my screenshots

what can I do for making it work?


May I ask what happens if Toolset is disabled?

It does not seem that Toolset is involved at al here, since the ShortCode is not from us, and I do not see what you insert it any of our Fields, that seems a Post Body?

If the issue still persists when you disable Toolset, then it's an issue that needs to be reported somewhere else (Other Plugin, Theme...)
If the issue goes away when you disable Toolset, can you:
- explain to me where you are showing this ShortCode (through a Content Template, for example?)
- On this page: hidden link, I see no Toolset components involved. Can you explain how Toolset relates to the issue?

Thank you!


When I put the code in the standard wysiwyg of WordPress, it works.
When I put the code in a wysiwyg types field it does not work.



By Default, all fields in Toolset that accept text and HTML also will and do execute ShortCodes, even 3rd party ShortCodes.
But, if that 3rd Party ShortCode needs to be executed early, or run thru special filters, then it may break in our fields.

What you can try is to call that WYSIWYG with something like

[wpv-post-field name="wpcf-your-field" parse_shortcodes="true"]

(it's in the GUI under "Post Field" Section).

It should thou not be necessary and I elaborate on the testing process in detail here:
Please try the test I suggest, and feedback the results to me.

If that does not work, and this issue still happens on a minimal install, please can you send me a copy of the site, and some steps how I can replicate the issue?

Thank you


I need some more details here.

You mention PHP?
I am confused.

I thought you display this thru a WYSIWYG Field of Types, which in turn most likely is displayed in a Content Template applied to a post?

In any case; I replicated your site and navigated to "wp-admin/post.php?post=632&action=edit".
There, In the post body I inserted:

[juicebox gallery_id="2"]

The Front-end shows only what you see in the ScreenShot:


I do not assume this is expected. As you see the order of the strings has been inverted and the gallery is not displayed where I want it.
This is all happening without Toolset.

Hence I already know that this ShortCode ([juicebox gallery_id="2"]) most likely either echos it's contents or does some other unexpected things since this is not how I coded it in the Post Body.

Then I saw that in your WYSIWYG Field you inserted our Post Body ShortCode.
This is wrong.
The WYSIWYG Field will be displayed in the Post body, but not vice-versa.

Moreover, there are several JS errors on the site:

GET <em><u>hidden link</u></em> net::ERR_ABORTED
Uncaught ReferenceError: juicebox is not defined

When I insert the ShortCode in our WYSIWYG and then the WYSIWYG into the Body, nothing is displayed.

Hence, currently, the best solution is to insert the shortcode in the Post Body directly, and then style this Post Body with Content Templates.
This works fine, as I tested locally.

But, you will not be able to control the position of this gallery very much, for the issue elaborated above (which does not depend on the Toolset).

The final solution for you is:

- Add the [juicebox gallery_id="2"] ShortCodes to your Post Body(s).
- Create a Content Template
- Assign it to this post type
- Add the Post Body ShortCode like this in the Content Template:

[wpv-post-body view_template="None" ]

- then, also add any other data you want to add (fields, etc) to this Content Template
- Now the front end will show the gallery.


Many thanks, for all the help.