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[Résolu] Custom Post's Organized by Taxonomy List

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Last updated by Ronald E Il y a 8 années et 11 mois.

Assigned support staff: Caridad.


So I almost have the page doing what I want... just not all at the same time.

At hidden link

you can now organize CPT's by associated Custom Taxonomy. This is done with a drop down list and hit apply button. I now know the information is organized correctly since it pulls only the CPT's related to each Taxonomy term. I did this by "Select posts with taxonomy in the inner view.

What I really want is no "Apply" button and have the all right CPT's appear correctly underneath the Taxonomy title upon entry to the page.

i.e. the page just displays the correct posts under the associated Taxonomy name.

Physical Therapy
•Biomechanical Assessment
•Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
•Sports Rehabilitation
•Geriatric Rehabilitation
•Manual Therapy
•Vestibular Rehabilitation
•Industrial / L&I Rehabilitation

Hand Therapy
•Custom Splinting


Is that possible to do on 1 page with WP-Views?


Dear Ronald,

I dont think you need a filter control for what you are trying to do. The inner view should filter based on the taxonomy of the parent view, with no filter controls involved. Just the filter. This is explained in this guide:

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



I agree - been trying a lot of different things to get the correct display. I tried again the "Child view in a taxonomy view layout: and I come up with 'No Posts found". I'm using all the latest WP tools and WP 3.5 and still the same outcome.

I notice in the 2nd Inner filter this "Post type Therapy Posts doesn't belong to any other post type " (attached). Would that be the reason why there is "No Posts Found"?


Dear Ronald,

The filter you are using is for parent/child relationships between posts. You need to setup a filter based on the taxonomy of the parent view. Have a look at the screenshot.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



Changes happening... now the error is "No Taxonomy found" I set the 2nd filter on the Inner view like you have (although my admin screen ilooks different?) See attachment.

I changed my first filter from a post to Taxonomy so I could find an admin screen that looked like like yours. Was that correct to do? Is the second filter the right one?


Dear Ronald,

Well, no, you should be listing posts, not taxonomies. Let me make this clear:

1) In the outer view you want to list taxonomies
2) In the inner view you want posts belonging to those taxonomies.

I will attach another screenshot.

Please let me know if there is anything else that I can assist you with.



Did you attach the screenshot(s)?


OMG-- IT WORKS! oh ya, umm hmmm, ya ya. do the two step - YES, mission completed!

hidden link

Attached screen shot of setting that works

Thank You CARIDAD!!!!!!!!!!!!