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[Résolu] Custom post type structure

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I'm creating a new site for a homebuilder.

There are many different home Models to choose; each home belongs to one of four Series.

I'd like to create pages for individual models that following this URL structure: - will display the 4 Series - will display all the Models available within that Series - will display the details for the individual model

Years ago (before Toolset) I built a site for a different homebuilder and just used Pages to accomplish the above...with separate page templates and SELECT queries for each level in the hierarchy.

I'd like to use Toolset this time around with Types and Views to make this easier for the client for their future growth. What is the best way to accomplish the above?

I'm not sure if there's a way to do this with Series and Models being two separate post types, or if Series could be a custom taxonomy in the Models post type, or if I could create a single Floorplans post type and set it to be hierarchical and then apply different layouts (content templates) based upon what level you're viewing. A bit of assistance in pointing me in the right direction would be helpful. Thank you!


I do a fair amount of research before creating a Support request, but then I try to keep researching afterwards as well. This time, several pages deep in my search on this site, I found a topic that addressed this before:

The URL provided on that topic/solution gave me the insight I needed to structure the Floor Plans CPT properly, along with a filter added to my functions, that allow a custom taxonomy to be assigned to the post and have it appear in the URL.

In this case I did find the answer; it just took a much more intensive search through previous support topics to find the one that addressed my issue.