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[Résolu] Custom gallery with alt and title tag along with the image

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Last updated by maudS Il y a 2 années et 8 mois.

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HI !
I would love to have the alt text with the gallery image I provide on our "custom gallery" (a gallery of many images in a single custom post, created with repeated custom field). In my Layout page, it creates a list of thumbnails and oppens a lightbox. It works pretty well but ! The alt or title tag doesn't follow. How to do so? There is a place to add the «titleSrc="title"» but can't find the good way to connect them.

Here is the code. All my pictures are taking care of, included, but not the alt tag or title. That is what I would need.
[gallery size="medium" columns="5" link="file" itemtag="div" icontag="span" captiontag="p"]

Unfortunally, I'm a designer more than a programmer. It would have to be «super-simple»!
Thank you,