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custom field as link for a view

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i have a made a CPT that i am using only to make a view. in that CPT is a title, featured image and a custom field with a URL to an external site.

in my view, i would like the featured image to be a link to that URL in my custom field. i have searched the forums and tried everything i can think of, yet no dice.

site is here: hidden link

the two images at the top of the right column are what i would like to be links.

also, i have created the CPT and custom fields in Types.

many thanks,


Luo Yang

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Hi emily,

Please try like this:

<a href="[types field="my-custom-field" output="raw"][/types]">[wpv-post-featured-image]</a>

You will replace my-custom-field with your custom URL field slug

More help:
'raw' | 'html' | 'normal'(default)
‘raw’=display raw data stored in DB, ‘html’=wrap data in HTML


luoy, this worked *perfectly* thank you so much!