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[Résolu] Current Internet Explorer 11 on PC breaks Grid, Image and Gallery blocks?

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Toolset Gird Block does not work in IE brower.


According to Microsoft document:

The MS IE browser had already retired, so we won't support IE browser any more, you might ask your user to use MS Edge browser instead of IE browser.

Relevant Documentation:

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I wonder if anyone else has found an issue with the Toolset Grid, Image and Gallery blocks not working on Internet Explorer or Chrome on Thinkpad PC?

I had just finished creating a site using my iMac and Safari to view it and it looked great, with these blocks (at hidden link ) when a friend tried it on a Thinkpad PC with Explorer and Chrome. Both those browsers did not render the grid columns or show rescaled images correctly, or show the gallery block correctly. (using GeneratePress but 2020 theme also displayed the problem so it wasn't the theme...). Note, the site currently is not using the Toolset Image, Grid or Gallery blocks but it should be easy to reproduce the problem at your end with any new site.

I borrowed an ASUS PC and that one worked with Chrome but not Internet Explorer.

I had to get rid of all the Toolset image/grid and gallery blocks. Sadly, used the inferior Gutenberg columns, image and gallery blocks instead. I don't like them nearly as much but that is all that works on Explorer?

(Just try a Grid block with 2 columns and put an image in each column and see if you can get it to be side by side in Explorer - nobody here could...). The Gallery problem just didn't display images in a gallery but only one after the other in Explorer.

The Image block problem related to a larger image not scaling down to the correct size on the page. It would only display as an outsized image on the page. - so try a really large image and see if you can display it scaled down on Explorer. Pretty sure you will see it at the original huge size...

Would it be possible for you to verify this on a PC and let me know if I'm crazy?

video gap 2.jpg
video gap 1.jpg

Another block problem with the Toolset Video block. Sorry I guess I should be testing them all thoroughly at once but I don't notice everything in one go...

It seems the Toolset Video block leaves a space before the block on Explorer on ThinkPad. But the Gutenberg embed Youtube Video block does not (see annotated screenshots enclosed: video gap 2.jpg shows space left before the Toolset Video block and video gap 1.jpg shows the correct behavior of the regular Gutenberg embed Youtube video block). I am using a 3 column 'Columns' block (the regular Gutenberg columns, not the Toolset Grid because that doesn't work on Explorer), and the video is the second of 3 blocks in the 3rd column. (Heading, Video, Paragraph)

Another block which needs fixing to make it compatible? Maybe if the devs compared it to the way the standard Video block handles things?

Just trying to be helpful, but I need the Toolset blocks to work on all the major platforms. Many thanks.


Luo Yang

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Thanks for the feedback.

According to Microsoft document:
hidden link

The MS IE browser had already retired, so we won't support IE browser any more, you might ask your user to use MS Edge browser instead of IE browser.


Good point. I never liked internet explorer. Let’s forget about it.

I am concerned that my user said that Chrome on the thinkpad also exhibited the problem, but perhaps the thinkpad isn’t a very popular platform. In any event I’m sure these problems would have surfaced earlier if they were a widespread concern.

Curious that the Gutenberg blocks work fine though...