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[Résolu] Cred saving and not saving data

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Last updated by Ido Angel Il y a 3 années et 1 mois.

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The strangest thing:

I have a cred form for creating a "single order" with some (many actually) checkboxes.
I have a content template for a "single order", which shows which checkboxes were checked when the orders were created like this:

<ul class="single-checks">
            <li>[types field='removable-denture' state="checked" option="0"]<input type="checkbox" checked style="pointer-events: none;"> Co-Cr Framework[/types][types field='removable-denture' state="unchecked" option="0"]<input type="checkbox" style="pointer-events: none;"> Co-Cr Framework[/types]</li>
              <li>[types field='removable-denture' state="checked" option="1"]<input type="checkbox" checked style="pointer-events: none;"> Acrilic Denture[/types][types field='removable-denture' state="unchecked" option="1"]<input type="checkbox" style="pointer-events: none;"> Acrilic Denture[/types]</li>
             <li>[types field='removable-denture' state="checked" option="2"]<input type="checkbox" checked style="pointer-events: none;"> Valplast Denture[/types][types field='removable-denture' state="unchecked" option="2"]<input type="checkbox" style="pointer-events: none;"> Valplast Denture[/types]</li>
              <li>[types field='removable-denture' state="checked" option="3"]<input type="checkbox" checked style="pointer-events: none;"> Acrilic Night Guard[/types][types field='removable-denture' state="unchecked" option="3"]<input type="checkbox" style="pointer-events: none;"> Acrilic Night Guard[/types]</li>
              <li>[types field='removable-denture' state="checked" option="4"]<input type="checkbox" checked style="pointer-events: none;"> Soft Night Guard[/types][types field='removable-denture' state="unchecked" option="4"]<input type="checkbox" style="pointer-events: none;"> Soft Night Guard[/types]</li>
              <li>[types field='removable-denture' state="checked" option="5"]<input type="checkbox" checked style="pointer-events: none;"> Temporary Denture[/types][types field='removable-denture' state="unchecked" option="5"]<input type="checkbox" style="pointer-events: none;"> Temporary Denture[/types]</li>

(if the checkbox state is "checked", it shows a checked input. if the state is "unchecked", it shows an empty input. both cases have "pointer-events: none", to prevent anyone from touching this)

If you check the first attached image, you'll see that after creating the order, then going to view it, the checkboxes appear ok: the selected ones are shown checked, the unselected ones show unchecked. So the data was saved. BUTTTTTTTT!!!

If you check the second attached image, you'll see that when I enter the order in the admin backend, the checkboxes are UNCHECKED! Only if I update the order in the backend, the checkboxes appear fine.

I think this happened after updating wordpress to 5.3. How freaking strange is that???

Any idea what's going on?




Update: the problem is only with checkboxes. All of them. Text inputs are updated fine, as well as radio checks.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

I checked on my local test install and I see that when you submit the form where you selected few checkboxes options, the form will be successfully saved but when you edit the entry in the backend, the selected checkboxes options are shows as unchecked.

I've reported this issue to our next level support and I'll get in touch with you as soon as possible.


update 2: I downgraded to wordpress 5.0 - and the issue is resolved.
but I'm still keeping this open because there's no reason I should downgrade...



Languages: Anglais (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

Thanks for the updates. I already escalated the issue to our next level support. Please hold on for further updates.



Languages: Anglais (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

Our Devs shared hotfix that should help you to fix the issue.

Can you please try to follow the instructions given with the following link and try to resovle your issue:


My issue is resolved now. Thank you!