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[Résolu] [cred-post-parent get='title'] is visible on the front end

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cred review form.jpg

I have a system that has been working for quite some time, using types, views and cred, to allow me to define custom post types, and for users to leave reviews (where the reviews are child posts of the parent CPT).

This was working fine, but I have just noticed that the Cred form now shows the shortcode on the page, rather than pulling in the title of the parent post, as it used to do.

E.g. this code produces the output in the screenshot attached.

<h2>Submit your review for <strong>[cred-post-parent get='title']</strong></h2>
	[cred_field field='form_messages' value='']
	<div class="cred-field cred-field-post_title">
		<label class="cred-label">Brief summary in less than 10 words?</label>
		[cred_field field='post_title' post='review' value='' urlparam='']</div>
	<div class="cred-field cred-field-post_content">
		<label class="cred-label">Tell everyone what you think about [cred-post-parent get='title']</label>
		[cred_field field='post_content' post='review' value='' urlparam='']</div>

All my Toolset plugins are completely up to date.

Grateful if you can assist.



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

This issue is known to us and already escalated to our next level support. I'll keep you updated here as soon as I know more.



Languages: Anglais (English )

Timezone: Asia/Kolkata (GMT+05:30)

I've good news for you.

Our developers have published CRED beta version 1.8.7-b1. You can download it from your account's download page.

Could you please update your CRED plugin to this latest beta version and try to resolve your issue.