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[Résolu] CRED / Forms redirection not working as expected

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Last updated by michaelS-13 Il y a 3 années et 4 mois.

Assigned support staff: Luo Yang.


Also, if this is any clue to what is happening, when I change the "What to show after submitting the form" in either Create Free Buyer Account or Create Free Seller Account to "Display a message instead of a form", both display the "Your Buyer/Seller Account has been created" message, leave the new Buyer/Seller on the "Create New Account Page" with the form no longer showing .. just Forgot Your Password.

On the Create Buyer/Seller Page in "What to show after ...", When I change it to the respective Buyer and Seller "Account pages", it shows "Please wait while being redirected" then goes to the correct account in the URL, but returns a 404.

Finally, the "What to show after ...", does not allow you to not select an action, so not sure which is taking over the result, since not of the obvious selection work, and neither does the php code redirections. Thanks.


Luo Yang

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Are we talking about a Toolset form for creating wordpress user?
Can you take a screenshot for the form settings?
I need to duplicate the same problem and debug it in my localhost, thanks


This problem was related to another issue that is not yet resolved, but fixing one aspect of that problem seemed to have fixed this one. Thanks.