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[Résolu] CRED form emails – with Expiry settings

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Last updated by lindsayH Il y a 3 années et 11 mois.

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I am puzzled how you even receive the email.

My test failed, the posts expired but I received no emails at all.

To me, this feature seems completely broken.

I will talk to our Developer about this.

Now for your issue, can you please try what happens if you do not publish the post, but do only test the expiration?

This means the post should be published straight away when creating it with CRED.

The form should hold only the very minimal necessary fields.

It is possible that the backend publication triggers an action that on its own triggers the notification or messes up the receiver in the Database.

I am apologising I can not make this tests, the emails simply are not sent on even the sites.

And before that's not fixes I can not test the feature correctly.
As said, I am surprised you even receive the email.

I will get back to you as soon I talked to our DEV, and apologise again for this tedious thread.

Email one.png
Email two.png

I talked too soon.


Just now emails popped into my account!
It seems the server where I host those emails has some latency 😀

OK, here a screenshot of what I received:
- clearly, it sends the email to the user that submits the first post
- clearly, there are 2 emails in the same account inbox
- clearly, the second user did not receive his email

I have replicated, finally, and have clear steps + a bug description.

This is now going to the Developers straight away.

Thank you for your immense patience and I hope we will have a solution ASAP.


Thank you so much for your help.


The work for this has been postponed to CRED 1.9

I will keep you updated, and do apologise the inconvenience.


This will be released with the upcoming CRED version 1.9.2 which is due within a week or less.

Thank you for the exceptional patience here.


The clean up bot is trying to close. Can you set to stay open until CRED version 1.9.2 released, and I have chance to test? Thanks.


CRED 1.9.2 is out since yesterday.

Please let me know if you have any issues.


Still need to test this (bot trying to close). Bank holiday weekend, but will try to get round to it next week.


Ok, please let me know asap.


OK, I've set up two test posts for the Notification email to be sent tomorrow (expiry date the day after).

We are without power tomorrow. So I will let you know the results on Thursday.


OK, thank you for the follow up!


Doing another test, didn't seem to get any email... (but my aol account was over 90 days). Didn't get the email in my hotmail though either.

Will let you know in a couple of days.


Ok. Please let me know as soon you have news.

Thank you


OK I don't appear to receive the email at all when it's set BEFORE the post expires, and it grabs the email from the Custom Field filled out on the Post Form. I am receiving other emails.


Do you mean, that the issue still happens on forms/notifications that you created before the Fix Release/Update?

If this is the case, it might be the same issue as in the other CRED Expiration issue, where older stored data behaved wrong.

Can you confirm that on new forms/notifications this all works as it should, but not on "old" ones?