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[Résolu] Changes to Query Section does not enable Save button

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Whenever I attempt to edit the query section on a View (for example, changing the Ordering option from Descending to Ascending, or changing the Limit and Offset values), the "Save All Sections At Once" and the "Update" buttons remain greyed out.
The only time I am able to save these is if I make a change to the loop output. The workaround I have been using is just adding a blank space somewhere in the loop output, saving changes, then deleting the blank space and saving again.
This seems like a fairly straightforward fix to have changes to the query section trigger the update buttons to become enabled. My only other thought is that the query section makes the updates "behind the scenes" so the update button isn't necessary. Either way it would be nice to have some sort of visual confirmation that the updates were made.



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Hi Scott,

Thanks for contacting our support forum.

Autosaving is done on query sections as such you do not need to hit save as the information in this section is saved automatically whenever the choices change.

The only sections that require manual saving is the sections where you enter content for the view.



Thanks for the clarification.