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[Résolu] Title Tag in Toolset Starter Theme

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Why does the Toolset Starter Theme nothave a title Tag in it's header?

Because it uses

add_theme_support( "title-tag" );

Relevant Documentation:

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Can you tell me please where I find the code that controls the content between <title></title> between the <head></head> tags?

I would expect to see this in header.php but nothing is there.



add_theme_support( "title-tag" );

This is the answer to the magic here 🙂

WordPress Themes can now use Theme Support for the Title Tag, which means we do not need to hard code it anymore.
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In Toolset Starter Theme this is added in functions.php on line 80.


but what do I need to do (and where) to change the format please?


I've been doing some searching online and I've found the necessary filter command to use in functions.php to change how my title tag appears so I don't need any further assistance. Thank you.


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