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[Résolu] Bookmark button and display bookmarked items for user or guest ?

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Problem: I would like to set up a "Bookmark" button so that Users can bookmark posts for reference later. Then I would like to set up a View to show each User their bookmarked posts.

Solution: There is not currently a built-in way to associate Users and Posts, so you would have to create something like this with CRED. You could create a repeating field on the post that stores User IDs, and use CRED to add or remove the current User's ID from this repeating field group on each post.

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Is there any way to create a bookmark button on an item in the loop so user can have a list of bookmarked item like the wishlist feature in woocommerce !

I need it to be for guest to be stored on his broweser and if he signed in to be stored to his profile
and customize a view for these bookmarked items


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Hi, there's not a "bookmark" or "favorite" feature built-in to Types and Views. You could use CRED to do something similar to this with a repeating custom field on each post that holds the ID of each User that favorites the post. If you'd like more information about that, please post in the Professional forum.

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