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[Résolu] Auto Draft – 2

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Last updated by Adriano Il y a 7 années et 7 mois.

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Hi Adriano
I have prematurely closed the post yesterday:

With that code, it does save my Merchant Posts and the [wpv-post-link] for Merchant post short code does work with no problem. However, I have just realized that this code is causing a problem for my Coupon list in my Merchant posts. (I had done a content template for my Merchant posts with a Coupon view which lists all the child coupons of the parent Merchant)

Now, it does list the coupon details with the title of the parent Merchant (instead of the title of the coupon), but with the correct link to the coupon page.

I have attached a screenshot.



Also, for Coupons I am using the standard WordPress title, not a custom post field. Thanks again


Dear James,

I see you are testing it in a local environment, so I think will not possible to provide access, but any way the private area is enabled if you can.

Please help me to understand what you want to achieve. You want to use some custom field instead of the default title once you are saving a post, but is it only for some post type? Please explain a bit more and show me the structure of your site.


Hi Adriano

Sorry that I have not closed this one but the issue seems to have fixed itself. 🙂

I have added a new coupon to test it and the new coupon showed the correct Title and I then re-entered the titles of the old coupons. This seems to have fixed the issue.

I have kept it open to see if it was going to come back for some reason but it did not.

It is a concern though, if the website was active and there were hundreds of coupon entries, it would have caused a big headache.

Thanks for your help


Feel free to create a new one if you need. You are welcome.