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[Fermé] Assigning an item to several parents of the same type

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On several of our sites we need to be able to assign a post to several parents of the same time, do you have any plans to introduce a feature that can do this properly?

I'm aware of the post here:

But this is a clunky method and I don't want to recommend that to my clients. Can we look at just adding additional fields in the wp_postmeta table for that post? _wpcf_belongs_project, _wpcf_belongs_project_1, etc? then have views look for those fields when rendering out a view?




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The methods described at that reference guide, are the most to-the-point and logical for this matter. However, you can always use custom fields to store IDs of multiple posts (acting as an artificial link to parents).

Views is capable of querying based on these custom fields.

Please let me know if I can help you with anything related, thanks.

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