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[Résolu] Address Field – Latitude and Longitude Problem since upgrade

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I am trying to: Update the latitude and longitude fields manually instead of rely on the API getting those values from the 'Address' field (location)

I visited this URL:

I expected to see:

Instead, I got: It will not save these two fields - but their value will change if I put a value into the Address (location) field. In Thailand - an address is not always available. We need to update the two fields individually. This was working fine (and the lat/long would be copied into the address field {lat,long} automatically it seemed - but this is no longer happening.

The view page (front end) does not seem affected - but when editing each of these post types now - none of the maps display in the edit form, unless we change the address field from the old " {lat,long} array into an actual address.



I’m Mohammed: the Toolset support team leader. I’ll give my best to help you to achieve your needs through Toolset components.

It seems that these is a conflict here.Please test the issue in the minimal environment.
Minimal environment: disable all non-Toolset plugins and activate the default theme(Twenty fifteen) and test the issue.

I'm waiting for your feedback.


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