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I am new to this plugin and going through the process of reading your guides and watching videos.

One thing i have noticed that is very frustrating is that many of your guide pages reflect what i assume is an older version of the plugins.

For example when i went to set up a search element on my page none of the screenshots matched what i was seeing in the back end of my plugin settings.

This causes a lot of confusion for new users and really needs to be updated. Some of the guides are literally impossible to follow because of these changes that were made and not updated on your site.


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I apologise for the experience.

This is our DOC for Custom Searches:
As far I see, one screenshot is wrong:
hidden link
(2. Setting up the custom search form > B. Choose how the search behaves)

As far I see, both screenshots are wrong:
hidden link
hidden link
(just below "Once you’ve added more than one filter input, or a filter based on post relationship, you will see a section called Which options to display in the form inputs under Parametric search settings.")

As far I see, one Screenshot is wrong:
hidden link
(For Views Cache)

Please do not hesitate to report to me any other that you have noticed, I already reported these to the DOC maintainer.

Thank you a lot for pointing me to that issue.
If you need assistance with the setup, please let me help you with, we even offer Google Hangout calls:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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