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[Resolved] Wrap image loop in Content Template?

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Last updated by Adriano 7 years ago.

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How do i loop a image wrapped in divs?

I am creating a content template - i have repeated fields (images).. i want to wrap each image in a div / span - or what ever else i need.

I can only paste the images as loops seperated with what ever separation i want .. but it doesnt seem that i can wrap them in html tags?

If i do the prework in views (wrap the images in divs) - and use the view in the content template, i get (NO ITEMS FOUND) ..

How do i accomplish this?.


Further more.. the view i created is showing up fine on the front page (eventhough it doesnt use the fields).. but if i paste my view shortcode in the same page i get NO ITEMS FOUND.


And ... is it possible to use only 1 image from each field?
Gallery 1 is having 5 images
Gallery 2 is having 10 images

I want to show 1 from Gallery 1, 1 from Gallery 2 ... Is it possible to customize limit per field? not per view ..


There is a document about how to wrap repating fields. There are many ways, please take a look:

Please let me know if you are satisfied with my answer and if I can help you with any other related question.


Thanks alot Adriano 🙂


You are welcome.