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[Resolved] [wpv-woo-buy-options] has undocumented attributes

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

The Plugin WooCommerce Subscriptions, which we recommend in our tutorials for Membership Sites, registers 2 new Product Types: “subscriptions” and “variable-subscriptions”. These are technically “taxonomy terms”, in WooCommerce.

These Product Types will not work nicely with WooCommerce Views when you insert the “wpv-woo-buy-or-select” shortcode with “show_variation_options” set to “true”.

The issue is that it will not allow you to select any variations and you cannot add the product to the cart.


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Last updated by Beda 6 years, 4 months ago.

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Link to documentation page:

I found this support thread: as I also had the same problem with the front end presentation of Woocommerce Variable Subscription products. In this thread Beda presents a solution using the [wpv-woo-buy-options] shortcode with several attributes:

add_to_cart_text="add to cart"

These attributes are currently not documented on the page while they are essential for the solution Beda offers. I can confirm I tried this solution and it works with the Toolset Starter theme, Woocommerce Views and the Woocommerce Subscription plugin to show a dropdown with the Subscription Variations on a single product page.

I would like to have a complete reference of all the attributes we can use with the various Views shortcodes. In this case it seems to me the documentation is incomplete. I would like to know the meaning and possibilities of the attributes Beda uses in his example code.


There seems to be some misunderstanding.

There are 2 ShortCodes, one for the Product Listing Pages and one for Single Products.
The one you refer to is [wpv-woo-buy-options] and supports exactly one attribute:
It Displays 'add to cart' or 'select options' box for single product pages.

In the code this is as well visible in the wpv_woo_buy_options_func() function in Toolset WooCommerce Views in the file Class_WooCommerce_Views.php.

The other ShortCode [wpv-woo-buy-or-select] is created with wpv_woo_buy_or_select_func() in the same file and has all the attributes you mention.
It is used in loops instead of single posts.

The ShortCode there is wrong.

This are the right steps:

1. Install WooCommerce Subscriptions and a full Toolset WooCommerce Setup
2. Create a Variable Product as per WooCommerce native features
3. Create a Variable Subscriptions product
4. Create a Content Template for them and insert:
[wpv-woo-buy-options add_to_cart_text="Add to cart"]
5. You will see the Variations picker on the single products
6. Create an archive for the shop, and add this to the Loop:
[wpv-woo-buy-or-select show_variation_options="yes"]
7. Since the bug was not yet fixed, this last #6 now should show the same as the single product page, but does not:

Please await the fix in that erratum, or via update.

Thank you!

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