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[Closed] WordPress Archive Fatal Error with Newly Created Taxonomy

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Last updated by Waqas 8 years, 9 months ago.

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I tried to create a new WordPress archive view for a newly created taxonomy and got a fatal error after creating the new archive.

I trashed the archive and added the taxonomy to an existing WP archive for a CPT and the same fatal error showed up.

I'm unable to save any changes or do anything else with the WP archive.

Please see attached image of the error I'm getting.


Maybe/hopefully this info will help:

I change the term for the (hierarchical) taxonomy in the only CPT post that had been created, clicked on update, and the error message in the WP archives view disappeared.

I changed it back to the original term, updated, and the error message reappeared.

I've tried deleting "offending" term, saving, resaving permalinks, then re-adding it, but it continues to produce the same error message.

It seems like that particular term is cursed (lol).


Okay, so the problem has been "solved."

I tried the following advice which I found here by googling the error message:

"Here's what I did. I went into the database, in the wp_term_taxonomy table, I found a record that showed "nav_menu" in the taxonomy column. I deleted that record and whammo, I got my WP menu functionality back. No need to reinstall."

That did not help (not sure what effect that deletion may or may not have).

So then I did the most obvious thing possible: since the problem wasn't a problem with an alternate term selected, I left the original post with the original "cursed" term alone, then created a new post, created an alternate term, and clicked on publish.

Problem disappeared from the WordPress archives view.

I've set the status of this post to "I still need assistance" only because I am uncertain about the effects of deleting "nav_menu" from the taxonomy column in phpmyadmin.



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Actually, that looks like a non-existent taxonomy linked somewhere on the menus (with reference to nav_menu). The same thread addresses this quite a few more times, specially this looks more specific.

If you are seeing anything missing in your site or theme (after the solution you adopted), then it should be a worrying matter, otherwise I don't think it will affect anything. Since it was linked to a non-existent object, which should already have made no difference.

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