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[Closed] WordPress 4.2.3 update breaks shortcodes

This support ticket is created 8 years, 2 months ago. There's a good chance that you are reading advice that it now obsolete.

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Last updated by Amir 8 years, 1 month ago.


I found it!!! Sorry


Is there another beta update coming out today?



Today all of Toolset developers are already asleep. We are now following up with specific issues. If you are still having problems, please create a separate thread and tell us what's wrong. The remaining issues that we've noticed are very specific corner cases (which we are handling too). To resolve them, we need to receive Duplicator packages, which show us what is happening. Otherwise, it's very hard to reproduce and fix.

If you have problems that are not covered by the recent betas, please create new support threads and give the full details.


Thank you for the update. Just didn't want to update sites with yesterdays beta releases if another one was coming out today. 5-day vacation starting tomorrow so over anxious.





You are teasing! Performance improvements? REST support?

Please, please, please! 😉



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HI all there.

We just released Types 1.7.8-b3 and Views 1.9.1-b4, the latest betas and the last ones before we do a full stable release, targeted on Monday. In fact we can label those betas as Release Candidates 🙂

The Types beta solves some labeling issues with the new frontend HTML rendering controls, which will be fully explained once we do a full release.

The Views beta solves some weird issues happening inside View loops with wpv-if conditionals and shortcodes used inside HTML attributes. It also improves compatibility with third party themes and plugins that might have been also affected by the API changes.

Please download and update to those betas, and report any further issue that you might have. They will be fixed case by case. The most information you can provide, the faster we will be able to solve 🙂



both beta versions work well on my site.

With the next WordPress Update the WP Core Team changes the shortcodes handling again:

Did you check this? Hopefully this will have no effects on the well working type/views-beta versions?



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Hi Angele

Yes, we are aware of that changes, and as far as we have seen, there will be no further impact. But thanks for your input 🙂


Gees. Gotta follow my site's layout is broken !


Thanks for the hard work Toolset, problem is fixed for me!!!


Thanks so much for all the hard work! My views are working again.



Timezone: Europe/Madrid (GMT+02:00)

HI everybody.

We just released Types 1.7.8 and Views 1.9.1 as stable versions. They should address all the issues everybody has been experiencing. AMir will be creating a proper announcement blog post soon about it, but I wanted to update you all here 🙂

If you are still suffering from any issue, please create a new support ticket and we will review each case one by one.




Thank you for everyone who worked with us to resolve the shortcodes problems. We released updates for both Types (17.8.) and Views (1.9.1). As the original problems are resolved, we are closing this thread.

If your sites still have issues related to Toolset plugins and WordPress 4.2.3, please start new threads and report individual issues.

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