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[Resolved] Woocommerce Views (Layouts for Single products) activation crashes mobile menu

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Last updated by Beda 5 years, 3 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Beda.

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I am trying to:
I use WC Views layout for single product page. I can fix problem by switching to standard WC Single product layout , but I need to use custom layout. Can you please fix this , Divi IS FULLY supported by Toolset ()So your ADVS told to me)))
Link to a page where the issue can be seen:
make this page half-screen or smaller to get mobile menu on top right. Search and Menu are fully irresponsive (but Logo link to main page and WC basket are clickable). Return to main page - Menu and Search are working fine.
I expected to see:
Mobile menu and search are forking in mobile mode on product single page
Instead, I got:


There is a conflicting script in your WordPress install in the themes folder, Divi/js/custom.min.js on line 111.

How does that file come there? The name suggests, that this is JS you can enter somewhere in the Theme settings or similar, and it appends it as your Custom JS?
Is this the case?

I would also like to point to the new Views and Layouts betas, which integrate with DIVI theme with a new method.
I would suggest to try it out on a staging or local development site, it might solve your issue as well.


Perfect, I'll make an ticket to Divi support. But the thing is, that when I turn on Standard Woocommerce layout in WC Views everything- Divi's search and top floating menu - starts to work normally, can you explain this?

you can to switch settings by yourself...


There might be a conflict in the contents of the Layout you load.

I would like to make some tests, for this I will need a site's snapshot to assist you as fast and effective as possible.

This will allow me to debug your site locally without even touching the online site.
As well, I will be able to run debug tools that cannot be used remotely.

Thank you!


I can replicate this issue.
I apologise, the name of that file that throws the error looked quite "custom", but it is actually included in DIVI by default - even if I add zero customizations.

I can replicate the issue also with our Betas on a clean install, now.

I am escalating this issue so we can provide an eventual fix or collaborate with DIVI to solve it.

To sum up, this issue happens only with WooCommerce, Toolset and DIVI.
When a single product has any Layout assigned, the front end will not open the menu hamburger.
There will be a JS error instead in the console.

Thank you for your patience and the report.


Dear Beda, on one hand I have you reply, and on other - a guy from Divi theme (his email is, right now he is trying to take a look at my case. Can I connect you guys? Is it possible you to give me your email..


There is no need for this.

We should be in contact already thru our internal programs.



Ok, please inform when you've got any news for me!


Dear Beda, hello
As I can see there is a Toolset update been released not long ago. Does it contain fix for my issue?


Sorry the delay.

No, there where no fixes.

The issue is not from Toolset.
Our second Tier debugged this and came to the conclusion that the issue is in WooCommerce.

You might help to push the fix by notifying them as well about this issue. We will also enter in contact.