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[Closed] WooCommerce quote builder

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Hello. I'm really hoping you will be able to guide me through implementing this idea:

My client requires a "quote builder" for their WooCommerce shop (not visible to the public). Ideally, the admin would add/select products from a list of existing WooCommerce products (a repeatable field?) including variations via a form (CRED?) and display the results in a table (VIEWS?), which I will then print to PDF as a downloadable quote.

The quotes could possibly be created as a Quote custom-post-type if need be, that contain the list of selected products with product variations.

Is this possible or is there a better way to produce a similar result? Any help would be greatly appreciated.



Luo Yang

Languages: English (English ) Chinese (Simplified) (简体中文 )

Timezone: Asia/Hong_Kong (GMT+08:00)

Hi Jef,

I suggest you try create a custom-post-type "Quote" for it, use CRED to build the front-end "Quote" form. you can download the CRED plugin here:
the documents of CRED:




Hi Luo,

Thanks for this. What I really need help with is this (as requested in my initial support query):

I would like to add/select products from a list of existing WooCommerce products and be able to include product variations. This field would need to be repeatable. I would then like to display the selected products with variations in a list.

Please could you send me more specific instructions?




Dear Jef,

I will ask our CRED developer about this. I will get back to you during the day.



Hello Jef,

right now, CRED plugin can manage custom fields and posts
not directly related to Types plugin
This could mean that woocommerce products are possibly manageable via CRED.

However woocommerce sometimes intercepts the frontend forms to do its own stuff, so this may have conflicts (it is possible)

Another plugin allowing CRED forms to have payment options via third-party e-shops like woocommerce
is underway right now.

When this is available it might provide a solution.
For now try to see if the above sugestion can help you.

The documentation links that Luo provided are a good way to start.

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