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[Resolved] Views not outputting properly after updating from 2.8.4 to 2.9

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: After updating to Views 2.9, my View's results are incorrect.

Solution: Update to Views 2.9.1

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Last updated by dbarber 3 years, 10 months ago.

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I noticed that only one of two views (filtered by shortcode attribute) on the same page was displaying on a website that we're getting ready to launch.

Then I remembered that I had recently updated a couple of plugins so I took a look at the staging version of the site and saw that Types and Views, among others, had updates available.

I took a look at the same page/s on the staging site and saw that they were fine.

So I assumed that the issue could be related to the update, and I updated Views from 2.8.4 to 2.9 on the staging site, checked out the same page/s and one of the two Views was not outputting anything.

I deactivated and deleted 2.9 and uploaded and activate 2.8.4, checked out the page, and it was back to normal.

So I rolled View back on the main website and it's also back to normal.

I updated again on the staging site so you could see what I mean.

Here's the staging version (with 2.9): hidden link

Here's production installation (with 2.8.4): hidden link

Please note that I tried to get debug information but couldn't: the debug page was just an empty WordPress admin page.


Hi, could you take screenshots of the View editor screen so I can see what's going on? I've had a similar report recently and I'd like to compare the settings. Please be sure to open up all the Query Filter panels.

Please also include the shortcode used to place the View on the site so I can see how the shortcode argument is set.

Toolset View.jpg

Hi Christian

Sorry for the delay.

I've attached a screenshot as requested (hopefully you're able to access the full size image because I can see that the uploaded one is useless).

Here are the shortcodes in use on that page:

[wpv-view name="speaker" role="moderator"]

[wpv-view name="speaker" role="speaker"]


Okay thank you, the settings here are similar so I suspect this has been resolved in the hotfixes that were released earlier today. Can you update to the latest versions of all Toolset plugins and let me know the results?


It's working as expected now. Thank you!