[Resolved] Viewing posts near the current post being displayed, by distance

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I have a website listing events. I have it all setup, and on the content template I am showing "other events on this day"

That part works.

I also worked out how to only show events a certain distance from the post being displayed, that works as well (thanks to another help post for someone else!)

What I'd like to do is reference the actual distance.
So, rather than just list the name of the event, it also shows how far it is from the post being displayed.

I can't seem to find a way to do that by inserting a field for the distance.


I try and try and try and fail

I post on here, then wait - and then work it out... standard!! Haha

I utilised the [wpv-attribute name="your_shortcode_attribute"] idea in the hard coded address 🙂 Worked!