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[Resolved] View insterted into archive not displaying

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Last updated by Shane 1 year, 8 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Shane.


Hi folks, I've got a View that I've inserted into a WordPress Archive that seems to have stopped working.

If I insert the view into a normal page it works as expected, but on the Archive it doesn't display the content. It used to work, but at some point has stopped displaying the content in the view.

Could you help me troubleshoot this please?
The archive is here: hidden link

The content of the archive is:
<div class="wrapper archiveheader">
<h1>Pebble Seats</h1>
<ul class="filters">

  • All
  • <a href="hidden link">Pendeen</a>
  • <a href="hidden link">Pico</a>
  • </div>
    [wpv-view name="pebble-seating-product-view"]

    <!-- wpv-loop-start -->

    <!-- wpv-loop-end -->
    [wpml-string context="wpv-views"]No items found[/wpml-string]
    <div class="typedescription">[get_cpt_desc_for_archive]</div>

    It's the [wpv-view name="pebble-seating-product-view"] that isn't displaying - above the loop. Could I have a bit of help with this please.
    Many thanks, Emily



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    Hi Emily,

    Thank you for getting in touch. This is actually a known issue and we have an errata setup that can assist you with working around the issue.

    Have a look at the link below and let me know if the instructions were able to help you resolve this.

    This also applies to a view as well if your view is using a content template.

    So in summary if the view that you added to the layout is using a content template to display its content. You will need to copy the contents from the view's content template into the <wpv-loop> tag replacing each of the content template calls with the contents you've copied.

    Please let me know if this helps.


    Thanks Shane, I'm not sure if I completely understand but I'll have a proper look at it with the site in front of me. I'll let you know if I figure it out!
    Cheers, Emily



    Languages: English (English )

    Timezone: America/Jamaica (GMT-05:00)

    Hi Emily,

    Great, if you are experiencing any challenges at all please let me know and I will be more than happy lend my assistance.