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[Resolved] view from two taxonomies where one term may be empty

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Last updated by Minesh 8 years ago.

Assisted by: Minesh.


I have two custom taxonomies areas and provider e.g.


- Berkshire
- London
- Sussex


- Photographers
- Caterers
- Venues

There may not be any entries for each each provider for a particular category. For example there may not be any entries for photographers in Sussex

I am trying to create a view which shows the taxonomy name and image for all the different providers for each area where the provider is not empty. I don't want to show the actual post. I know how to show the taxonomy images

The end result will be a page called, for example "wedding providers in Sussex" with photos of all the different provider types, this links to a page where you can see the actual custom posts (I have set this view up).

Do you know how I can do this? I can show all the providers for an area but not hide them when they are empty.

Apologies in advance. if I take a while to get back to any response.


I would like to try to do this with an archive view, but I realise this is not possible (unless it will work in the forthcoming version of views).

I've added a mockup to show exactly what I am trying to achieve.

Many thanks



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Hello. Thank you for contacting the Toolset support.

There is no way to relate taxonomy to another taxonomy. But what if you try to build a view that returns clean output and use that view in conditional shortcode.

Something like this:

[wpv-view name="your-provider-taxonomy-view" tax="paas-here-current-ara-taxonomy-term"]

Then, filter the above view by Views shortcode attribute "tax" .

Use above view with [wpv-confitional] statement.

[wpv-conditional if="( '[wpv-view name="provider-taxonomy-view" tax="current-area-taxonomy-term"]' ne '''' )"]
show taxonomy title

I also would like to review your setup and problem URL where you are displaying taxonomy terms for taxonomy providers for taxonomy areas for taxonomy term "Sussex".


Thankyou for the speedy reply.

I will try this out when I get back in a few days.



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Ok - thank you.

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