[Resolved] view edit link not present when logged in with custom role

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I am trying to: allow custom role to edit a cpt

Link to a page where the issue can be seen:hidden link

I expected to see: edit link for all items when logged in as custom role heffstaffadmin

Instead, I got: no edit link. (only appears when logged in as admin)



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Timezone: Europe/London (GMT+01:00)

I did some checking on your site, and I exported your Access settings and imported them to my own test site to see if I could identify any problems with the custom role that prevented it from seeing edit post links, but it worked correctly there.

I was going to try testing the visibility of the edit links on your site by creating a user with a heffstaffadmin role, and then I noticed that there are only two users on the site, neither of which has that role.

You have a user named hefstaffadmin, but it has the role of author.

So, did you actually test with the role of heffstaffadmin?

I can see that the author role is also set to be able to edit the posts, so the edit links should appear, but I want to clarify what exactly I should be testing.


doh! that worked of course! thank you!


Edit links for Views were removed in Views 2.7, @malagas, if you meant those.