[Closed] View Beta with Beaver Builder – issues

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I am beta testing the Views with Beaver Builder integration and wished to submit my findings and provide a means for others to do so. So here goes.

- When shortcodes are added to the text editor module, nothing is rendered in the page builder. However, the content shows once the page is published.

- The styling of the Fields and Views shortcodes pop-up box is adopting the styling of the website.

- Content Templates - when assigning a content template to a post type, the default elements remain, e.g. post title, post meta, categories, etc. (I have tried with BB Theme and TwentySixteen). Of course, using the Customizer I can remove - using the BB Theme - the Featured Image, Post Categories, Post Tags, Post Author, Post Date, Comment Count, but the Post Title still exists.



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Hi GAvin

Thanks for the feedback.

Let's try to solve those issues one by one.

Regarding shortcodes not being rendered in the frontend editor but being available on the final frontend output, we have two situations here.

Views has a special mchanism to manage some of its shorcodes - like conditional shortcodes, for example. To make them work, we need to pre-process them a little earlier than the usual moment where WordPress would process them. We got in touch with the Beaver Builder team and they were kind enough as to provide a hook for us to process correctly our shortcodes. That should solve most of the issues.

However, I just noticed that there might be other shortcodes not rendering properly on the frontend editor preview. I found out that the wpv-post-author shortcode is rendering blank there, while rendering properly in the frontend. This happens because user data is not being properly set on the frontend editor preview refresher. I will try to solve it in our side, or to send a patch to the Beaver Builder team on this.

If you are experiencing any problem related to other shortcodes, please let me know - a screenshot would help a lot. Also, please do not forget that when using the frontend editor you can select the post to use as preview, or use no post and render the raw shortcodes (see my screenshot for that).

About the styling for the Fields and Views dialog, I am afraid it might depend on your theme and/or plugins. We use a raw dialog provided by native WordPress scripts, and we add some styling to it. But as we use native scripts, sometimes third party themes or plugins add their own styling over it, causing a little display mess. We are working to address this, but it might take time.

However, if you can confirm that this is related to your theme, I would thank you if you can provide a screenshot and a reference to such theme, so we can try to at least minimize the problems. I saw some small issues (mainly, the close button) on the BB teme, nothing serious.

Finally, related to the theme elements, you are right. I also have the Beaver Builder Theme here, and as far as I know, if you create a custom post type, enable BB for it and create a single post of that type, in the frontend you get those elements by default, plus a layout that includes a sidebar. See the screenshot that I attach about how the frontend editor looks in the case of a custom post type. The frontend looks the same.

The BB theme, as well as other themes, provide different templates for different post types. In the case of the BB theme, the template for pages that use the BB editor does not include the title, the author or any other element, while the template for a custom post type defauls to the template for posts, which does include those elements indeed. This works as described for BB without Content Templates, and the Content Template integration can not behave any different. So the items that you can remove in the Customizer for posts will be hidde by default for any other custompos type, while the ones that stay for posts stay also for other post types.

I our promo video, none of thos eitems exist because we use our ow Toolset Starter theme, which does not hardcode any of those elements as it is built for being used with page builders like Layouts, that will need as little content as posible.

If what I am describing is not the problem, please let me know. Maybe I am missing something 🙂


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