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[Resolved] Using Widget Logic plugin to control display of a View in a sidebar

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I'm trying to use the Widget Logic plugin to control the disp

I'm trying to control the appearance of some Views in the sidebar of a WordPress installation using the Widget Logic plugin with a custom taxonomy (hierarchical) I've created.

Here are examples for using a category from a regular post.

in_category( array('Anime', 'Manga', 'Cat1', 'Cat2') )

I've got a custom taxonomy (hierarchical) called New Members with a "category" within New Members named British Columbia.

I've tried simply replacing the "category" name in the example above with British Columbia - e.g., in_category('British Columbia') - but that has no effect.

I've also tried replacing the word category in the snippet above with various variations on the custom taxonomy name New Members - e.g., in_new_members('British Columbia') and in_new-members('British Columbia') - but that produces php errors.

What am I missing/doing wrong?


I found a solution using a combination of WPMU's custom sidebars, WordPress conditional tags (should have checked here first:, and, in particular (for what I described above), the following snippet:

is_post_type_archive( 'new-members' )

Sorry for the unnecessary bother.