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[Resolved] Custom ShortCode in a HTML conditional

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: How can I use a Custom ShortCode in a Views HTML conditional?

Solution: You will need to register it first in Toolset > Settings > Front End Content > 3rd Party ShortCodes

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Last updated by hossamH-2 4 years, 3 months ago.

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I have the same issue as of having custom short codes not working in wpv-conditional..

Even something like this does not work..

[wpv-conditional if="( '[my_evaluation]' eq '0' )" debug="true"]

It doesn't matter that the logic is write or wrong, it doesn't even show the debug information because I am using a custom shortcode [my_evaulation]

However if I substituted my custom shortcode with any shortcode like this..

[wpv-conditional if="( '[wpv-archive-title]' eq '0' )" debug="true"]

I get a debug screen! Also in your own documentations it says that using the shortcode is limited to admins with manage_option capabilities, so am not sure what is missing as I am seeing other people on the forums working fine with custom short codes and wpv-conditional, so please let me know what is going on..


I would like to add that it only works for users with admin capabilities, meaning that even if I registered the custom shortcode in toolset settings, there is no way to make it working for site visitors. This is very frustrating.


What works for admins only is the Debug Information.

Of course, any ShortCode evaluation per se works always, otherwise the point of a Conditional HTML using ShortCodes would not be fulfilled.

I suspect your ShortCode breaks the logic.

Please do this:

1. Paste here the exact function that registers this ShortCode
2. Put your Custom ShortCode in a Post Body or View Loop, and let me know what you see as its output. Do not wrap it in a Conditional. Just put it in an editor and see what it outputs

I suspect your ShortCode is either not returning its result, or it's returning a bad result that breaks the conditions logic.

I am awaiting your data, so I can solve this for you or give a hint how to solve it.

Thank you for your extended patience on weekends, as we have limited resources during these days.


Sorry for the delay..
It actually has worked after I unregistered the shortcode and re-registered it.
I have another problem though but it should belong to another ticket