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[Resolved] Using [cred-post-parent get='url'] for editing an existing child?

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Last updated by Adriano 6 years, 3 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Adriano.


I've used the information on this page – – for adding a nice return link to the bottom of the 'Create Child Content link' page. However, it appears I'm unable to use this same code when I'm editing a child item that has a parent – only when adding new content.

How can I add the ability to return to the parent page when I use the 'Edit content form' link?



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Can you please provide some example URLs to see this in action? So I can see and understand how have you setup these pages.

Also some screen shots of your CRED forms and Pages setup, will also be helpful.


I'm currently developing my site locally so I'll have to get it live somewhere. In the meantime, I'm including some screen captures that I hope visually explain my issue better. Start with the 'artist-detail-page.jpg' image.



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Thank you for providing the details. I have reviewed and understand your point of view.

Please allow me some time to reproduce this on my local host and I will update you as soon as I find a solution.



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Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

I was able to reproduce the issue on site. And have reported to the relevant Dev Team. I will update you as soon as they find a solution.


Thank you for keeping tabs on this and glad you were able to reproduce my issue. I look forward to a possible solution. Thank you!


Hello David,

I have been escalated to this thread, I can confirm that issue too and I've notified CRED development team about that issue. They will be working on this very soon and I'll keep you updated.


Hello David,

I've just emailed you a fix patch for this issue, please let me know if it fixes your issue.

Please let me know if you are satisfied with my reply and any other questions you may have.


Adriano Ferreira



I didn't have any luck with the patch file (fwiw, it had the same version number as the one I was running but not sure if that's something you normally update with one-off patches). I updated the whole plugin folder with the one you sent of course.

The "Back to detail page" link on the "Edit Artwork" page goes to the individual artwork page while the "Back to detail page" link on the "Add Artwork" page still correctly goes back to the Artist detail page from where it came. For reference the Artist page URL is like this hidden link

On Edit Artwork page:
"Back to detail page" link goes to => hidden link

On Add Artwork page:
"Back to detail page" link goes to => hidden link


Hi David,

I've just informed our development team. I'll keep you posted on this.


We've fixed this. Please check your email and apply the fix patch.



The last patch you sent appears to have fixed this. Thank you! I presume this means that this change will be rolled into the next official release of CRED moving forward?

Really appreciate your team addressing this issue for me and the rest of the WP Types community. Thank you!


Yes, this fix comes in the next CRED release. You are welcome.