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[Resolved] User/Post/multiple forms on the same page / Conditional Display of User fields

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Hi Guys @ OnTheGo Systems!

It would be great, if you could make the in the subject forementioned functions available. Multi-Step-Forms woluld be nice too.

I am building a site in which I will do an online survey. The users have to register an then will be able to take the survey.

I would like to make the registration and the post submission within the same page. But that seems to be impossible. So I helped myself by creating two pages - one for the registration and the other for the survey. Also I would like to make some user fields, esp. for the data of another contact after checking a checkbox, show up conditional. That is not possible at the moment. But this would be a great enhancement.

Besides that I would like to show certain survey fields according to a value of the user fields (something like a user taxonomy - the fields of the survey are different for each "user group"). I thought about different surveys for those values. But it seems, that there is no way of making a redirection to a survey according to a user value (like it its possiplbe with E-Mails > sending E-Mail to recipient according to the value of a field.) So for now, I make this value a part of my survey and then the corresponding fields are conditionally displayed.

Thanks in advance & Greetings from Germany!



1. MultiStep Forms are coming soon
(But I can not state an ETA on this)

2. What functions do you mean?
"The in the subject forementioned functions"

3. I would like to make some user fields, esp. for the data of another contact after checking a checkbox, show up conditionally

This is entirely possible.
You can use CRED Conditional Groups to achieve this.

With this, you should also be able to check against current User Data, and show particular CRED Fields only if it matches your condition

We must focus on single issues each thread.

Can we stick this Thread on issue #1 and handle the other issues (if still applicable) in new Threads?

Thank you for understanding



Hi Beda,

I'm sorry that I violated your forum rules. I thought that these questions are kind of related to each other.
I will make up another thread for the conditional display. I know the conditional groups, but I don't get why you make it possible to set the conditional display within Types' Post fields but not the Types' User fields. I think, it would be easier to set it all up within the field creation screen and not within the CRED form editing screen. Also I would like to know, if I could change the conditional display form sliding up (the effect when the conditional rules are activated) to fading in.

The first question about multi step forms isn't mentioned in the subject of this thread. So I would like to stick to issue #2. But I'm happy that multi-step-forms will be possible in the future. Perhaps you could tell the dev team, that the possibility to customize the WooCommerce Checkout with a CRED multi-step form would be very appreciated and make the use of separate plugins obsolete.

So, the in the subject forementioned functions are "User/Post/multiple forms on the same page". I would like to register a user and let him make a post submission by clicking just a single submit button. That is what I mean with multiple forms on the same page. I don't want to make my users to have to go through several pages, i.e. creating a user account and then take the survey. They should be able to fill in the data for their user account in the first section of the survey and give answers to my questions in the sections afterwards. And then they should be able to just submit all their data (user account data and answers) by just clicking a submit button once.
This is a matter of user experience. I want the users (in a particular project) to be able to finish the whole registration/survey process within 5 minutes. If they have to go through several pages, it could take longer. So if it is possible to set it up the way I planned, this would be great. Otherwise consider it as a feature request.
At this point of time, I created a CRED user form which redirects to the survey. And this works as expected and I am able to collect all the data needed.

Kind regards,



1. I would like to register a user and let him make a post submission by clicking just a single submit button.

This is not possible

You need 2 Forms, 2 Buttons and 2 Actions because it addresses 2 different types of content.

What you can do is use the CRED and WordPress API to perform actions "under the hood" (while submitting one form, PHP does actions for another post Type)

But that, as far I understand your requirement, is not applicable to you.

As you need the User to dynamically enter Data, I suggest to stick to two forms, which also need 2 submit buttons and 2 "actions" at least.

This is because those are different Data Sets. We can not merge different Forms into one.

2. Regarding user Fields, I am confused.

You can set up User Field conditional display in Types easily, it's the same as for Post Fields

Also in CRED user Forms you can use CRED Conditionals.

There are no restrictions by Field Type (I mean, whether it's a user or a Post field, conditions can be set for both)
Maybe I misunderstand you here.

3. For the "behaviour" of conditionals in CRED Forms, you can use Fade-Slide, Slide, Fade and Custom CSS.
This would be your way to go if you want to customise this.



Hi Beda!

Thanks for your reply. You totally got it, I would like to merge two forms into one. But I will stick to the setting with the two forms. I thought about something like a hidden submit button in the first form, which is triggered by an ajaxified- or js-driven event when clicking the second submit button.

In the settings for user fields, there is an option to set conditionals - like in the custom post fields editing screen. But in case of the user fields, there is shown the message "Conditional display is not supported for User fields." instead of the conditional display button. It would be much easier to set these things up in the fields editing screen instead of the CRED form editing screen, because the process of setting conditionals happens in just one place.

Could you please point me to the setting, where I can tell CRED to use the Fading effect instead of Slide Up, please? Thank you in advance!

Kind regards,



The CRED generic Field "Conditional Group" which you use to set CRED conditional groups also has a dropdown setting for the 4 natively supported modes:
- Fade-Slide
- Slide
- Fade
- Use (user-defined) CSS

If you want to use Custom CSS here, you choose the last option and add Custom CSS to the CRED's CSS Editor Section.
But since you want a fading effect, you can jut pick "Fade"

About the Conditional in Types User Fields - 🙁
I must apologise, I completely messed up this part.
Yes, you can not choose conditionals in Types User Fields, and I asked the Developers:
1. An update on this (ETA; will it or will it not be possible)
2. A proper GUI update to give some reasons why, or at least a DOC link to where we would explain this problem better, rather than the current notice

I apologise my above wrong statement.

This ticket is now closed. If you're a Toolset client and need related help, please open a new support ticket.