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[Resolved] Update Toolset WooCommerce Views plugin v. 2.6.2 breaks product links

This thread is resolved. Here is a description of the problem and solution.

Problem: All Product links, wether WooCommerce native links or WooCommerce Views ShortCodes for products, do not produce a link, it is not clickable anymore.

Solution: This was a BUG in WooCommerce Views 2.6.2. It is solved in WooCommerce Views 2.6.3 and above.

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Last updated by roderickG 4 years, 4 months ago.

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I am trying to:
Update WooCommerce Views plugin from version 2.6.1 to 2.6.2
I visited this URL:
WooCommerce shop page
I expected to see:
The products displaying with link to go to that product
Instead, I got:
The products with no link

The html anchor tag is gone after updating to 2.6.2. I've also tried the 2.6.3 update which does the same. In the screen shot I show the products page with firebug open. The anchor tag disappears leaving each product with an image, title, and price but not clickable.

Thank you for the help!


Can you let me know what code you used to customise the Shop Archive with Views?

On the reference site, to which I link below, it works fine.

There we use:

<a href="[wpv-post-url]" class="product-thumbnail">



hidden link

Can you let me know what you use?


Ok, so I found some more info. In woocommerce settings we have the "Shop Page Display" set to "show categories & subcategories" (see screenshot). With this set it always uses the woocommerce product archive template, even if I switch the product archive template in Toolset woocommerce views. But if I switch the "Shop Page Display" to "Show products" then the toolset veiw template will load.

So the repro, is to have woocommerce shop display categories. Then do the update to 2.6.2 and then the link to the product is gone - which is the default woocommerce product archive view, NOT the toolset product view.
The product category links are there but the individual product links are removed.


I have reproduced a similar issue on the Discover Site and have informed our 2nd Tier.

But there I saw, the issue only happens with the ShortCode [wpv-woo-related_products]

Do you refer to Links that should be output by that ShortCode?

Otherwise please provide me with the Code with which you output those Links.

I am not sure if you actually use WooCommerce Views.
I mean, if you do use the native WooCommerce templates, there is no sense in using WooCommerce Views. That is used to customise the template with Archives and Content Templates manipulated by Views.

Have you done this?
Otherwise, you do not need WooCommerce Views.

I apologise if I fully misunderstand, and appreciate your feedback.


Right now I'm only using toolset woo views for the woocommerce single product template - this works fine.
Otherwise, for the product archive page, this is the woocommerce default code and also the what is generating the links or in the case of the 2.6.2 - breaking the links.


Please update all Toolset Plugins.
The issue you reported is solved with it, as other Toolset Users confirm.

Please let me know in case this persists on your end.


Version 2.6.4 looks like it works. Thanks!