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[Resolved] Types Image Automatic Resize Issue with Types 1.5.3

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Last updated by scottS-3 7 years, 8 months ago.

Assigned support staff: Adriano.

Member Listing Image Link 010814.jpg
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When I updated to Types 1.5.3 from 1.5.2 on January 2nd, I immediately encountered an issue with a significant number of broken images in individual member listings (those with an optional single image) that had previously worked. However not all of the listings with an existing image had this problem which was both odd and a clue. When I examined the details of the listings with broken images in the custom posts themselves, they still had the correct address and were showing the proper thumbnail of the image that had been uploaded via Gravity forms. However, those listings with broken images were not using that image address on the front end of the site, hence the broken images.

Here are links to two test listings, one that is displaying properly and one that isn't:
- Test Listing One - hidden link - Incorrect (broken) image
- Test Listing Two - hidden link - Correctly displayed image

Here is the link to the image for Listing One which is there and available, but is not being displayed properly:
hidden link

What this enabled me to determine this morning: The issue is that images that have to be proportionally resized to no more than 400 px wide or 200 px tall aren't displayed properly due to a faulty link. Those that are smaller than either of those dimensions and hence don't need to be resized do display properly. That explains why some existing images associated with member listings still displayed properly and some didn't. The resizing worked just fine before, but is no longer working with Types 1.5.3.

I have attached two images to assist in analyzing this issue:
1. The template code for the "Member Single Listing" in Views used to display each of the listings with the image related items highlighted
2. A screen capture of the link/thumbnail for "Test Listing One" that shows the correct address for the image which is NOT being passed forward properly when the image is resized.

Other relevant site information:
- Main website address: hidden link
- WordPress version: 3.8
- WPViews: 1.2.1
- Gravity Forms version: Holding at 1.7.13 for now . . . I haven't yet updated to 3.8 which just came out (not wanting to confuse things!)
- MySQL version: 5.5.33
- PHP version: 5.2.17

Note: I've seen a couple of other posts regarding image issues that COULD be related to what I'm seeing, but I'm not sure.

You are more than welcome to call me to discuss this at: 248.862.7220

Thanks, in advance for your help.

Scott Simpson


Correction: The pending version of Gravity forms is 1.8 not 3.8


Dear Scott,

I’ll send you a private email right now asking you for some private information that will help me debug this issue for you. Please check your email in a couple of minutes, and if you don’t get it, let me know so I can send it again.



I have brought up a backup of the site in a development, location and have emailed the login credentials to you. Let me know if there is anything else you need from me at this point.

Again, thank you for the help.