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[Closed] Trying to generate a link to a product on other posts based on shared tax term.

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I am trying to: figure out if the following is possible—I use WooCommerce so I have products. I also have 2 custom taxonomies—brand and model. I have a blog that I also use. Brand and model taxonomies are used with both products and blog entries. I'd like to create a view that displays a link to the product that each blog entry is about. Is that possible? If not, might it be possible using custom fields?

Thanks for your help. I've been digging through the documentation and I'm just not sure if I'm on an impossible mission.



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Can you please provide some debug information about your site? Please see for more information.

I have enabled debug information area for your next reply.


This is really just a general question about the capabilities of Views and Types, not so much a problem I'm having. But I hope this helps. Thanks.



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Thank you for providing the details.

In fact, you need to find a way where you can relate the current blog post with a product (post). Because reverse querying through the related taxonomy, will result in several other products attached.

For example, if Category X is used with Products A, B and C. while the blog post is about product A using the same Category X. The view can query Products Only, but will return all products under Category X - unless there's a particular identification available at hand. Because the blog post, also just contain a trace to the Category X only.

Your idea about using a Custom Field, is the nice work around. You can either attach a custom field with Product or Blog Post. All you need an identifiable trace to the other end. And then you can filter your view, further down to that custom field. This custom field will probably use the ID of the other counter-part.

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