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[Resolved] Trying to create Past and Upcoming Events

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Last updated by patrickM-3 7 years, 9 months ago.


I have a Custom Post Type of Event with start-date and end-date custom fields. I am able to display all of the events sorted by start-date descending.

I simply want to add a filter to show only those dates prior to todays date as Past Events and another with start-date after TODAY, for Upcoming events.

The field type for Start Date is DATE. I'm picking the dates from the calendar popup.

No matter what combination of comparisons and what type I pick for the comparison in Views (Date, Datetime, or Numeric), any filter I add causes no results to be displayed.

The interface for Views seriously needs to be improved so that it is possible to set up these seemingly simply things!

Any suggestions?


so, in summary, I'm setting up a custom field for users to input a start-date and an end-date. I'm using the firld type of DATE when I set up a custom fields group. I'm trying to separate the events list into Upcoming and Past events.

How do I configure 2 views; one for past events and one for future events? Using all the default settings doesn't seem to be able to accomplish this.


I urgently need some help with this issue. I have read many, many posts and have tried all of the proposed solutions for setting the view filters. I understand that there is a wordpress shortcode for future. Is there one for past? Is there a way to specify [not][future]?

Is there a way to use a custom date field, set by users, where a valid date is required and validated, and where I can compare that date to todays date and show either only those posts prior to or after that date?

I hope this isn't something that wp-types cannot do. I desperately need this function. Please help.


I figured it out - embarassingly. I had the wpcf-date field selected, rather than the one I created - wpfc-start-date. Once I change that and used the NUMERIC comparison, it worked.