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[Resolved] Toolset Calendar? Would love to display posts in calendar view.

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Last updated by Pat 5 years, 8 months ago.

Assisted by: Beda.


I've been working on a website for someone who does speaking engagements. I have a custom post type for her events, but I can't find an easy way to display them as a calendar. There isn't a plugin that will let me use toolset cpts and custom fields for a calendar view. I also hate adding extra plugins that duplicate functionality already in Toolset (like a calendar plugin that creates its own cpt that I have to use).

I've seen a few others ask for this as I browsed the support threads, and I want to add my voice.

I'd love to be able to display a calendar on a view or archive page, that pulls the dates and post information from a custom post type. Similar to how you can display all the results on a single map with the Maps feature. It wouldn't need to be complicated at all. I'd like to see it as a loop display option on a view.

Thanks for considering...

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.24.17 PM.png

Something like this:


Thanks for adding your voice and view of the feature.

The thing is, yes, it's simple to add a "Display as calendar" feature.
But, what is a calendar?

A calendar like Google features it?
One more like MAC designed or eventually, something customizable?

This is where the problem surges from that we did not yet implement such feature.
Maps are quite commonly split in a few "classic" designs and behaviors.
Calendars... are different. There are so many things you could have in a calendar or display, that the possibilities are wider, and we need to find something that makes sense for all.

So for now, I can add your voice, and view of the feature.
I can as well state that we plan to work in future on some more enhanced Date Fields (So you could maybe add repeating birthdays) - but there is no release candidate or ETA for this yet at all.

Calendars as orz describe it can currently only be achieved by either using a Software that is designed for it or, using a 3rd party, like Google or similar.

It is not the same as having it in Toolset, I am aware of this and can state that we acknowledge this request, but cannot promise anything.


Thank you for considering.

For the project I was working on, something similar to the way google maps looks when integrated is what I imagined. A month view, and pagination for each month. But the events would be managed as custom post types, so that I can make the event clickable and take it to a single event page with its own layout and content template.

I know it can be hard to create something that's useful for the most people. But I also know that if I don't ask you don't know I want it, so I did!


Beda, please allow me to disagree here. I ve been working with CCKs for about 7 years now on Joomla and drupal sites and a gmap and a calendar should be implemented as view options.

I do believe Toolset is the most advanded wordpress tool to build rich web sites wihout coding in PHP but to reach this goal you DO NEED to provide each brick (remember your logo?) webdesigners will need to build their own sites.

We do not want to have Toolset propose specific functions such as event managment. What we need is a comprehensive set of tools that will allow us to compose what we intend to do.

I'm sure you would agree that 100% of ANY web page is a combination of

CONTENTS : a rich HTML display of one post
FORMS: a collection of fields to fill with a submit button
LISTS: a collection of contents (posts) in a specific template : this is where the VIEWS plugin enter ! A slider, a calendar, a gmap,some tabs of contentes, all these things are just lists.

Toolset already provides almost everything but threre is one missing template for views : the calendar !

If we had this calendar view we would have everything we need. I really can't understand why you didn't deliver it yet

thanks for reading !





I agree with cyrilT82
This kind of feature should be integrated inside Toolset
+1 for me !

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